Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age to volunteer?

No! The only age restriction is people under 18 cannot volunteer in the kitchen so they will spend their time volunteering on the dining room floor.

Can families with children volunteer together?

Yes! The more the merrier. But people under 18 cannot volunteer in the kitchen.

Do I need to bring anything special with me.. apron, kitchen supplies?

We will provide food service gloves but you are welcome to bring any supplies you may find necessary to volunteer.

Who are we serving?

Anyone who wants to be served.

Where do I park?

There will be plenty of parking in the area but we strongly encouraging people to park as far away from the entrance as possible so there is plenty of space for senior citizens and guests to park.

What if I cannot commit to the full time slot but still want to volunteer?

Please use the contact page for special arrangements.

What should I expect to be doing?

Each volunteer time slot has a description of items that need to be completed and volunteers may expect to be assigned various different jobs based on needs and skill sets.